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Ma Petite France- What we are all about

Updated: Oct 2, 2020


Salut! My name is Tosin Adesina, founder and director of Ma Petite France.

I started M.P.F because I wanted to simplify French learning in Nigeria.

I began French lessons in Primary school, my parents had me registered for French home tutoring and then I went on to study the language at the University of Ibadan. I attended the Nigerian French language village, Alliance Francaise, and studied French language and culture at the Centres Universitaire des etudes Francaises, Grenoble, France. So I am no stranger to way and manner it is taught, both locally and internationally.

When people find out I speak French fluently, they immediately begin to narrate their experience learning the language, from primary school to Secondary school and usually you always find these 2 features in their stories.

a. They don't/didn't like their French teacher(s)

b. Unavailability of French learning materials

The truth is I just wanted to solve those problems whilst also providing job opportunities for French graduates.

French language just like English are two very important languages, spoken on 5 continents, so you know learning it is won't be a waste of time. Need I speak of the endless opportunities that abound in career opportunities globally? So really, why should these 2 highlighted features dampen your quest to learn it?

The heart and soul of M.P.F is making learning French language fun, never mind the numerous services we offer, it all boils down to that.

The first thing I knew the organisation had to address was the mindset of students to French- starting with their tutors/ teachers. We try to incorporate fun and engaging activities to help in learning the four language competencies, reading- writing- speaking- listening.

Next was solving the problem of inadequate French materials.

Have you ever walked into a bookstore and just felt like never leaving? You just want to have your feel of every single book in there. While I studied in France, I always felt this way when I walked into a bookstore. The great thing was, the more novels I read, the better my vocabulary got. From then, I knew I was going to have a French bookstore that would have absolutely everything, from grammar books and all things language learning to storybooks, novels, Cds, games and more.

Some people ask why we focus more on kids.. I tell them we also tutor adults (lol) but the truth is, while I was in the University, I had my major electives from the linguistics department, it was there I learnt about language acquisition and language learning for children and adults. I understood it is much easier for children to acquire a new language, that's why they are our primary focus.

Tosin Adesina- Founder, Director, Ma Petite France

Just so you are well caught up, our services include;

1. French Bookstore

2. Library

3. Home Tutors

4. Tutors-on-demand (schools)

5. French language hub (schools)

6. Summer French school (partnership with schools)

7. French teens club (schools)

8. Saturday beginners French course (Adults)

If you would like to contact us on any of our services, call us on 08118257169, send us an email at or visit us at our head office - 79, Awolowo way, Trinity Mall(First floor), Ikea, Lagos.

We look forward to meeting you! Merci, bonne journée


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