Salut chers amis (Hello dear friends)!

It is another beautiful moment to learn some French grammar on Ma Petite FranFrance. I believe this platform has been of great help to you. Welcome again to French grammar for beginners on Ma Petite France.

Today we shall be learning how to conjugate and use the verb "être" in present tense.

"Être" stands for the verb "To be" in English, is one of the most often used verbs in French language. So, it will do you good to know how this verb is used in French .

I believe you've been able to master and memorize the subject pronouns we treated in our previous class as we will be using them with the verb "être". Cool ! Let's quickly see how this verb is conjugated in present tense.

Je suis = I am

Tu es = You are

Il/Elle est = He/she is

Nous sommes = We are

Vous êtes = You are

Ils/elles sont = They are

The verb "être" can be used in various ways. We would just show you a few but important ways in which the verb "être" can be used.