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Travel Destination: Togo


A little relief from the worries of spending so much on learning a language for years and still not being able to speak as fluent as you want, or perhaps the financial burden of having to relocate to France and immerse with the locals could be burdensome.

Do you think a change of environment; like a home away from home is what you need?Or you are just like me very reserved and a bit tight to a completely new culture?

Maybe you can consider looking at this option.

Learning French truly in a non-francophone country can be a great burden I must admit. A lot of times we hear people tell us, go to French village and take up an immersion programme. While this might work for some people. Some people are just a phone call away from running home, once they remember home is just a bus or two away or a hot well prepared meal awaits you or even a business deal.

The solution to this problem might just be taking an immersion trip to a not so expensive yet conducive place.

I’d be writing today on a country you can comfortably travel to for your immersion program, start some businesses comfortably and have a fun time on a realisable budget.

Togo is a French speaking country in West Africa, bordered by Benin republic, Ghana, Guinea and Burkina Faso. With the 2017 Population census carried out, the country with its capital in Lome is populated approximately by 7.9 million people.

Considered one of the warmest and peaceful places to achieve the objective of learning the language in Africa, Togo like other French colonies has come to embrace the French culture, food, and lifestyle.

One of the iconic things about this country is that it has a way of bringing back colonial memories and history that we most times only read in books; the bridge of no return, the slave house to mention but a few.

Togo has to its credit a number of French immersion centres in the nation’s capital. I would like to explore a number of them in this article.

  1. Institut Francais, Togo is one of Togo’s finest centres and has for itself the French culture that is replicated in all countries it is situated. From the FLE standard of teaching to the DELF-DALF-TEF-TCF examination preparation, to the well-equipped biblotheque and mediatheque just to give you the French feeling to Campus France just in case you want to process further programme in France. With this agency, you are rest assured of a programme that is flexible enough to fit your schedule and most importantly achieve your aim at the end of the day at an affordable price and with friendly locals.

  2. Another great place to consider is the Village Francais du Benin at the University of Lome. This centre is considered a place where you can learn French in the most social andcultural environment. Learning French at Village du Benin exposes you to the FLE structure of learning in synergy with the francophone African culture, a well-structured immersion facility surrounded in and out with French learners and experts with open arms to teach and follow you through to perfection. The classes are broken down into different learning levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced) to fit all students.

A tour around the city of Lome can open you up to the business part of you, you never discovered.

Travel destination: Togo
Esther Elendu


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