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M.P.F tutors was formed because we understand the rigours of learning a foreign language.

Learning French in the classroom could be boring for some, others who had high interests in speaking French quickly dropped it, with some reasons being the quality of teachers and the methods adopted.

Ours is a team of trained professionals, our methods are unconventional, relaxing and entertaining. Aimed at fostering a good relationship between teacher and student, to bring out the best in your child.

The educational materials we use are all tested and verified by French language experts for kids of all ages.

Learning the language and culture of others helps us interact with the world and people around us better which in turn gives us a better understanding of our own cultures and values.

What we do at M.P.F tutors is more than just teach a foreign language, it's opening your eyes to the world around you, appreciating beauty in diversity.

Whether it's reading, writing or speaking French,we assure you of only the best.

Bienvenue et Merci pour avoir choisi M.P.F

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